Travel To Cape Town

travel to cape town

The whole world in the same city. Originally only a trading station for seafarers on their way to Asia, but today a bubbly international metropolis, with its cuisine, cafes, music and theater would like to mingle with the greats. Africa, New York, Paris or London, but with a mix of cultures, people and religions, you will not find elsewhere. Here is the entire world together.

Table Mountain

Cape Town is like an amphitheater in front of the beautiful Table Mountain, with the scenery as the Cape of Good Hope, wine country and the deep blue Atlantic Ocean by Nelson Mandela finger, Robben Island, around the bay. Table Mountain is about 1,000 meters high. A wonderful place to hike or just enjoy the view. There is access to a cable car from the city. Or on foot, if you have endurance.

Cape Flats

Behind Table Mountain is one of Africa’s most beautiful botanical gardens, Kirstenbosch, located behind the original Constantia wine region with classy wines and restaurants. Yet another notch further behind spilling a large, flat area itself which is known as the Cape Flats. Here live the hundreds of thousands of poor people who were crammed under apartheid. The city’s labor reserve. Most live in depressing tin shacks or dilapidated shelters with two-three families in each room. Take also a guided tour. Remove from District Six Museum on displacement during apartheid.

Walk In The Center Of Cape Town

Cape Town itself is pinched together at the foot of Table Mountain. It is easiest to walk around the old castle, where the Dutch originally lived through the many museums, the flea market at Greenmarket Square. Grab a drink en route, one of the many sidewalk cafes. Give yourself plenty of time to see the historical museum in the Slave Lodge, take a look inside the Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s St. George’s Cathedral, and enjoy the walk through the Dutch old kitchen garden, Company Gardens, which is surrounded by the parliament, president’s office Tuynhuis, National Gallery and the South African museum of natural history and archeology.

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