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Thrifty Car Rental Review – Are The Fastest Growing Car Hire Company Delivering A Great Service

thrifty car rentalA subsidiary of The SAFY group and a member of the South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, Thrifty Car Rental is one of the fastest growing car rental companies in South Africa. The Moolla brothers set up The SAFY group in 1981 and it is still interested in marketing and management of all types of vehicles with Thrifty Car Rental. The SAFY group contributes to the environment by employment and charity. They have over 1,300 employees and are a level 3 contributor to the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

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Overview Of Thrifty Car Rental Services

  • Loyalty Program: Customers can create profiles on the Thrifty Car Rental website and have their preferences saved for next time. Thus, you don’t have to begin afresh every time you want to rent a car, the system already knows you and has new suggestions you might be interested in too. There are membership rewards on the website that can go towards discounts on your next car lease.
  • Car Rental: Dollar Thrifty Car Rental International is fully functional in well over 10,000 different locations around the world. The SAFY group has been in control of the South African and Namibian dealership since 2002. Dollar Thrifty Car Rental South Africa has a fleet of about 5,000 cars in different models. All cars are claimed to be changed every 12 months so that rented cars are never over a year old. Thrifty Car & Van Rental is the division available in all branches that rents panel vans, 4×4’s as well as double and single cab automobiles for commercial purposes.
  • Luxury Cars: The Dollar Rent a Car is a luxury rental division in Thrifty Rent a Car that has a provision for top-class cars, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz as well as other upper-class luxury cars. This is available at every branch.
  • Chauffeur Services: Offers drivers if you are interested and do not want to drive yourself.
  • Different Locations: Have a total of 31 branches all over the country in major cities in different provinces. They are available at every major airport in South Africa. This gives the option for you to pick up your rental and drop it off at different locations.

Customer Service

Thrifty Car Rental’s official website has enough information regarding their classes of vehicles but the information on other areas, like location and other services, are limited. The company would rather relate to their customers online as the membership package is easy to use and alluring with the advantages it has. They generally have a low percentage of positive reviews. Customers complained about extra charges and inadequate customer services, while others about the unclean state of the rental cars. On the other hand, the few positive reviews available include proper customer service and timely refund when necessary.

Thrifty Car Rental has been growing over the years and is steadily building a good track record. Thrifty Car Rental has taken home many ASCA Feather Awards for Best Car Rental for the last 5 years.

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Your Nearest Thrifty Car Rental Branch

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