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tempest car hire - car rental company in south africaThis car hire company has been around for many years. Founded in 1986, Tempest Car Hire discovered the demand in the car hire industry and decided to provide a solution to that need. The company was not much successful until the Imperial Holdings group bought the company in 1991. This gave rise to the expansion of Tempest Car Hire and the company has steadily grown to the level of competing with other top car hire services in South Africa today.

The company focuses on providing quality car hire services at cost effective rates to help customers save money and enjoy great services at the same time. Tempest Car Hire is a proud member of South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association and hereby abides by the set rules and regulations of the association to provide quality services. They support the Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development Trust, contributing to bringing development in education and modernization to the community.

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Tempest Car Hire Services

  • Car hire: With a fleet of over 3,000 cars, Tempest Car Hire has a variety of affordable cars and people carriers for long term or short term (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly) lease.
  • Airport services: Tempest offers a great deal in airport pick up and drop off. Whether you want to have a private car to pick you up or take you to your designated location, or you want to share a car with other travelers like yourself to cut costs, Tempest has different options for you.
  • Locations: Tthere are up to 28 tempest branches across South Africa, offering you options of branches to deal with and pick up and drop off locations so you do not have to move far away from your location to pick up your rental and you must not return into to the same branch but whichever is convenient for you.
  • Free child seat: Tempest Car Hire offers free car seats to interested customers who need this extra feature in their cars for more convenience. You don’t have to break the bank for added comfort.
  • GPS rental: Very low, standard GPS rental prices available for you to increase the safety of your rental car and avoid extra costs in case of theft or any other related issue.
  • Delivery & collection: If you are not interested in picking up and or dropping off your rental car, Tempest can do this for you with no hassles, completely hitch free at an economic rate.
  • International lease: You can drive your car outside South Africa to surrounding countries with prior notice to Tempest and after a one-time payment has been made and an agreement to that effect has been signed.
  • Additional insurance: Add extra insurance to your car hire agreement and enjoy reduced liability on occasion of a minor or major accident with Tempest Car Hire.
  • Extra driver: Add a secondary driver to your lease for a small price.

Generally, Tempest Car Hire has a negative record of reviews from customers with very little or no positive reviews. The website has good information but is in small print with fainted colors, making it somewhat difficult to read.

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