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Review Of Avis Rent A Car

avis rent a carA full subsidiary of the Barloworld group on companies, Avis Rent A Car is an international car hire agency. It is one of the top car hire companies in South Africa. Avis Rent a Car in South Africa is under the leadership of CEO, Rainer Gottchick who took it over from Keith Rankin in February 2015. With its headquarters in Gauteng, South Africa Avis is making a mark in the car rental business with a wide range of services and leadership in the car hire market.

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Overview of Avis Rent A Car Services

  • Car hire: Avis offer long term and short term car hire options from their collection of fourteen classes of cars. From regular cars in different models to vans, luxury cars, and trucks, they have different sizes and capacities to meet different needs.
  • Fleet car hire: Avis offer specialized packages for companies and individuals that want to hire cars in many numbers at a time.
  • Chauffeur services: Well-trained drivers with a good knowledge of driving to serve you if you prefer not to drive yourself.
  • Careline: Avis Careline is open and fully functional 24 hours a day to attend to all your emergencies and requests. From customer care questions to roadside assistance and accident relief services and emergency medical assistance.
  • Many locations: Have close to 100 locations, including airports, all over South Africa in each of the 9 provinces of the country. You get ample options for pick up and drop off. Also provide delivery and collection service to help you pick up and drop off if you don’t want to do it yourself.
  • Child seat, bike rack and GPS rental: Available options for a child seat, bike rack, and GPS rental services upon request to help you get the best out of your car.
  • Special rates: Many promotional offers throughout the year. Also get different prices for monthly rentals and very good everyday rental prices for new and loyal customers.
  • Additional insurance: Options to add surplus insurance on your car to cover the common issues, like tire and windshield damages or fire hazards or accidents.
  • Disabled services: At no additional cost. Some cars in the classes of cars available provide special hand controls for paraplegic drivers.
  • Car sales: Old rental cars are sold to interested customers

Customer Service

Avis Rent a Car operates a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. It has very useful information explained in the plainest terms that customers can understand and relate with. The company is also a carbon neutral company that regulates the emission from their vehicles to protect the environment. They have a solid customer care system in place and respond to both negative and positive customer reviews. They also have many commendations from customers for the quality of their customer service operation system.

Avis Car Hire offers many services and a variety of options with their vehicles as well. They are the leaders in the industry with years of experience and a wealth of customer appreciation.

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