Top Car Rental Companies In South Africa

Top Car Rental Companies In South Africa 1

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Our Selection Of The Best Car Hire Companies In South Africa

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Renting A Car From Car Hire Companies vs Just Buying A Car

top car rental companies in south africaA lot of people contemplate at one point or another whether to hire a car from a good car rental company or to just go and buy one. The most predominant and relevant determining factor always remains ‘cost.’ Many people prefer a car for the convenience of moving around comfortably instead of using taxis or public transport. The cost of leasing a car is lower than buying one for two reasons. Buying upfront means a huge lump sum that many simply do not have and the installment payment plan for a car is still expensive, at least higher than the cost of monthly renting.

You can take advantage of this beyond just comfort, which means you don’t have to pay as much as buying your own. You can use different models of cars every time you rent a car and you don’t have to go through the stress of selling an old car when you want to drive a new one.

Hiring a car whether for long term or short term purposes can be a hard task when you do not know where to begin. No matter what your reason is for leasing a car, you can go through this review to determine which car hire company will best serve your needs so you can have the best car hire experience. Some of the top South African car hire companies have been analyzed to help customers better decide which company best suits their specific needs. So you don’t have to go through a bad experience or waste hours and get tired before you find the right fit.


If you are looking to hire a car, it is most likely that you already have a budget in mind. It would be nice to get an idea of the price range that different car hire companies offer. However, because these companies are in competition with each other they constantly have limited promotional offers. The best option would be to look into the offers available at the time you want to hire and take advantage of it. Other factors influence prices of car hire too like the model and year of the car you want, how long you want to lease the car, how old you are, location you will pick up your car and where you wish to return it, and much more.


Apart from renting a car of your choice to drive, you might be interested in some other services that car hire companies offer to best suit your needs. The winners of this round would be Avis and Europcar hire. Their services include accident services, chauffeur, loyalty program, disabled services, additional insurance, child seat, GPS rental, delivery and collection, different pickup and drop off points and luxury car services. They offer all these services, together with normal car hire services, where some car hire companies do not.


car hire companies at airportsIt is important to find a car hire company close to you so you don’t have to go through the stress of traveling long distance to get your car. This will also help in dropping off the car when your rental period has expired. A closer location is always preferred for many obvious reasons and car hire companies that understand this have many locations for their customers’ conveniences. Avis, Budget and Europcar are top in this area with 98, 91 and 65 locations respectively. Other car hire companies in South Africa follow behind with around forty locations on average.

Most car rental companies also have branches at major airports in South Africa that makes it easier picking up and dropping off your rental vehicle.

Consider these three categories to narrow your choices and help you make a decision towards selecting the best car hire company for you.

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