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Situated just north-west of Johannesburg, the airport falls under the Johannesburg Terminal Area.

The reasons why we chose Lanseria International Airport as our base of operations:

  • Lanseria Airport offers 24 hour services, customs, immigration, superb controllers.
  • Lanseria offers two brand new parallel runways.
  • Fully equipped IF airport with the latest technology, ideal for training with no commuter costs. This allows the student to practice ILS, NDB, VOR and DME letdowns without having to transit long distances.
  • Lanseria provides an excellent training environment, equipping you with real aviation experience.
  • The weather is usually predictable and perfect for flying.

Lanseria Airport has 4 runways, covering most eventualities, and giving students the flexibility to fly most days. This is especially important for a training environment, as it enables us to expose the students to different situations. The main runway is runway 06L/24R, this runway is equipped with ILS, VOR, NDB and DME approaches plus approach lighting. The secondary runway is runway 06R/24L. All runways are asphalt.

The airport and its environment is perfect for training. Being trained in controlled airspace provides the student with an excellent grounding in procedures and enables them to cope in any situation and not be intimidated by heavy traffic. Due to the parallel runways we experience very few delays. The flight training area is in close proximity to the airport (5 minutes from the airport). This allows the student to spend more time flying and practicing the exercises rather than transiting from one airspace to another.

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