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Top Ten Tourist Attractions In South Africa

South Africa’s rich diversity makes it difficult to pin down only ten tourist attractions this list aims to include at least one thing that will appeal to every type of tourist. Whether you’re looking to rub shoulders with the trendy set in Cape Town or want to experience the thrill of seeing lions hunt. Starting […]

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Travel To Cape Town

The whole world in the same city. Originally only a trading station for seafarers on their way to Asia, but today a bubbly international metropolis, with its cuisine, cafes, music and theater would like to mingle with the greats. Africa New York, Paris or London, but with a mix of cultures, people and religions, you will […]

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Cape Town Holidays

Cape Town has most famous seaside holiday sites. Its mountains are stunning and fascinating. It has the best of wine estates and produces famous brands. Add to all of that the well-known places of attraction there. Boulders have achieved international fame for its colony of African Penguins. No visit can be complete without going to […]

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