About Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town International AirportCape Town International Airport opened in 1954 and is one of the largest airports in South Africa. There is a total of five terminals in the airport, two of which are dedicated to international flights and three that are dedicated to domestic flights. The terminals are all within walking distance of each other and are joined by walkways. The departure terminals are on the upper level and the arrival terminals are on the bottom level. Both levels are easily accessible by car.

Inside Cape Town International Airport

Inside the airport, passengers will find facilities and services to ensure a safe and pleasant trip. People who need wheelchairs can call ahead of time and arrange for transport to and from the terminal. There are also helpline phones available throughout the airport on which people can call on to get assistance as needed. Travelers will find other helpful services in the airport as well. Banks, a currency exchange, a post office, and a shoe-shining stop. Passengers can find Wi-Fi available at several places in the airport for a fee, which can be paid either by credit card or with a pay as you go voucher.

Directions To Cape Town International Airport

Parking At Cape Town International Airport

The parking structure at Cape Town International Airport has both long and short-term parking options available. Passengers who need to park their car for more than five days can use a special the long-term parking facility. There is a valet service in the parking lot. You can utilize it when a reservation is made ahead of time.

Transport From Cape Town International Airport

Passengers arriving in Cape Town can be picked up in the pick-up and go area located in Parkade 1, the closest parking structure to the airport entrance. People picking up passengers have thirty minutes in which they can park for free while they retrieve their passengers. The airport also offers taxis, car rental services, and a city bus that brings people right into Cape Town’s city center.

Passengers who are waiting for flights can take advantage of the many shops and restaurants that Cape Town International Airport offers. The restaurant options include both simple fare and places to sit down and have a full meal. Cape Town Airport also has numerous places to shop. Whether travelers are looking for gifts, clothing, accessories, or just something to keep young ones busy on the trip, they will find it in one of the airport shops.


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